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Knitting #ThreeLions to rally England in World Cup semi-final

Canada Day Kids puppets

I put my knitting needles together a couple of days ago, inspired to design some special Canada Day Kids puppets — belatedly — celebrating Canada Day a week late.

When my English footie fan mum saw them, she immediately exclaimed:

“You should make some for England!”

So I did. England will play their first World Cup semi-final in 28 years on Wednesday.

I designed three lions (players) and a blue lion. The England nickname “Three Lions” derives from a song referring to the team emblem, which mimics England’s royal arms.


We rally England, our home team, during each World Cup every four years, and usually it’s a short lived affair. But this year things have been different.

We’ve lived for years with a postcard of the England 1966 World Cup winners — the last time England won. Every time I go to the refrigerator, there they are — a reminder of England’s glory.
Hoping the right mindset prevails.