A Minute With: Patti Smith on her photography show Reuters Jan 16, 2012

New app helps strip-club dancers know rights Reuters Oct 29, 2012

London sanitation show aims to make “poo” hot topic Reuters Oct 18, 2012

UN off track on education goals, progress on gender: report Reuters Oct 16, 2012

Governments urged to take swift action against child marriage Reuters Oct 12, 2012

Former NASA engineer designs app to chart water quality Reuters Sept, 3, 2012

“No Woman’s Land” book details newswomen in warzones Reuters March 8, 2012

Wooga’s Diamond Dash game rides social mobile wave Reuters Jan 3, 2012

Evernote “memory aid” apps recall people, meals Reuters Dec 22, 2011

Access to web, phones key to helping the poor: LeWeb Reuters Dec 9, 2011

Buddhify web app promotes calmer urban experience Reuters Nov 14, 2011

Will you be bargain-hunting on Christmas day?” (blog) Reuters Dec 22, 2009

Darwin debate rages on 150 years after ‘Origin’” (Tom Heneghan) Reuters Nov 24, 2009

The debate over Darwin 150 years on” (blog) Reuters Nov 24, 2009

Do you think tipping improves service?” (blog) Reuters Oct 1, 2009

Should stiletto heels be banned in the workplace?” (blog) Reuters Sept 17, 2009

Whose art would you forge?” (blog) Reuters July 21, 2009

Does swearing make you feel better?” (blog) Reuters July 13 2009

Is the Queen worth 69p a year?” (blog) Reuters June 29, 2009

Time to dump premium-rate?” (blog) Reuters June 1, 2009

Snow event?” (blog) Reuters Feb 5, 2009

Wanted: very smart partner with high IQ” Reuters April 29, 2008

“Regal retirement: Dedicated curator and educator leaves a large legacy” Hart Beat, Fall 2005

“Original High Level streetcar united communities.” Edmonton Journal Oct 3, 2004

“Finding homes for the homeless”Edmonton Journal Sept 18, 2004

“97th Street business group wants old train bridge taken down” Edmonton Journal Sept 1, 2004

“Canoe trek takes four off beaten path” Edmonton Journal Aug 28, 2004

“Talking for a living suits Sherwood Park Interpreter” Edmonton Journal Aug 21, 2004

“Student aims for PM’s office” Edmonton Journal Aug 18, 2004

“Bottle picking’s profits are limited, but its freedom is priceless” Edmonton Journal Aug 17, 2004

“For Edmonton’s Greeks, Olympics are an ideal” Edmonton Journal Aug 13, 2004

“Life & Times: The courage, tenacity and sacrifice of WWII pilots who saved Britain…” Edmonton Journal Aug 6, 2004

“Palliative caregiver has witnessed some ‘very wonderful deaths’” Edmonton Journal Aug 5, 2004

“Sweet taste of success can sting at times” Edmonton Journal July 11, 2004

 “Memories of a summer staple: ‘We were there every day we could be’” Edmonton Journal June 22, 2004

“Faces of the Future” (mini profiles on promising young Canadians) Maclean’s 8 Sept 2003

– signs of the times –

Threats on MySpace, rabbits in the pot” Reuters April 22, 2009

Jam sandwiches and getting rid of the rolls” Reuters March 4, 2009

Store says ‘shop, damn it, shop‘ ” Reuters Dec 24, 2008

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