Rural livelihoods at risk in Congo Basin due to erratic rainfall and water flow CIFOR Dec. 29, 2020

Biodiversity in focus on World Wetlands Day CIFOR Jan 31, 2020

What happens when freshwater fish hook up with forests? CIFOR May 12, 2020

Teen activist Autumn Peltier to advocate for water rights at GLF New York CIFOR Sept 11, 2019

Miracle mangrove “land builders” adapt to ocean rise amid climate change GLF June 20, 2018

Fact File: How mangroves contribute to climate change mitigation in Indonesia GLF June 20, 2018

City water strategy can offset threat to urban forests from hot temperatures, pests GLF March 20, 2018

Sadhguru at GLF: Millions who rally for rivers favor reforestation GLF Dec. 13, 2017

On World Water Day, photos show role water plays in food security CIMMYT March 19, 2015

Industrial water run off can sustainably boost crop production CIMMYT March 19, 2015

As climate change and poor habits parch Central Asia, can policy changes help? CIFOR Feb. 10, 2015

UK researchers offer “ghost ponds” new lease on life CIFOR July 29, 2014

Mangrove experts urge restoration, regeneration of organic coasts CIFOR March 18, 2014

UNDP’s Clark: balancing food, energy, water key to post-2015 goals AlertNet Feb 13, 2013

Menstruation taboo puts 300 mln women in India at risk – experts AlertNet Feb 11, 2013

Think local on post-2015 UN global water security goals – study AlertNet Feb 8, 2013

Q+A – Child-friendly toilets key in fight to improve global sanitation AlertNet Feb 6, 2013

New interactive web atlas helps pinpoint water risk hotspots AlertNet Feb 2, 2013

Lack of toilets, clean water costs world $260 bln a year – Liberia president AlertNet Jan 31, 2013

Experts take debate over water development goals to the Web AlertNet Jan 21, 2013

World Toilet Day chance to fight sanitation indignities women face – activist Helen Pankhurst AlertNet Nov 20, 2012

Community project frees 24 million from open defecation AlertNet Nov 19, 2012

EU could do better on sub-Saharan Africa water, sanitation projects – audit AlertNet Oct 26, 2012

London sanitation exhibit aims to make “poo” a hot topic AlertNet Oct 18, 2012

Next UN development goals must tackle open defecation – expert AlertNet Sept 18, 2012

Policymakers agree ambitious global monitoring initiative – expert AlertNet Sept 5, 2012

Former NASA engineer designs app to chart water quality Reuters Sept 4, 2012

Former NASA engineer designs app to chart water quality (CSM Monitor) AlertNet Sept 4, 2012

Stockholm award honours PepsiCo efforts to solve water problems AlertNet Aug 31, 2012

FACTBOX: How PepsiCo won Stockholm industry water award AlertNet Aug 31, 2012

Corruption in water sector increases hunger risk TrustLaw Aug 28, 2012

Experts mull global system to monitor water resources AlertNet Aug 16, 2012

Access to web, phones, key to helping the poor Reuters July 26, 2012

Mobile technology boosts water security for the poor (CSM Monitor) AlertNet July 26, 2012

EXPERT VIEWS: Climate change is wild card in water security July 25, 2012

EXPERT VIEWS: New water policies are key to tackling scarcity July 24, 2012

Expert urges unity in dialogue on water security AlertNet Apr 19, 2012

Govts could save 2.5 mln lives with safer water, sanitation – WaterAid – AlertNet Apr 17, 2012

Aid cash must  double to tackle sanitation crisis – WaterAid – AlertNet Nov 18, 2011

Toilet-talk taboo hinders sanitation crisis fight – expert AlertNet Nov 17, 2011

Collaboration key tool in promoting transparency in water industry – experts TrustLaw Aug 23, 2011

GRUBS grabs socio-economic and sanitation data for better water transparency AlertNet Aug 22, 2011

Stockholm meeting to stir global water crisis debate AlertNet Aug 19, 2011

– London’s Sanitation Hackathon at Hub Westminster, AlertNet, Dec 2, 2012 –

(Audio deleted along with Reuters AlertNet website)

AUDIO: Technological solutions are key to fix Africa sanitation crisis

AUDIO: Sanitation Hackathon mirrors Hub Westminster ethos

AUDIO: Hackathon tackles big challenges facing sanitation sector

AUDIO: Financial app would set sanitation cost benchmarks

AUDIO: Sani-Dashboard app would monitor toilet-related data

AUDIO: Hackathon seeks solutions to global sanitation crisis

Videos from 2011 World Water Week, Stockholm

(Videos deleted along with the Reuters AlertNet YouTube page)

Urban planning key to solve sanitation problems – Joan Clos, U.N. Habitat AlertNet Aug 23, 2011

UN World Water Development Report: repositioning views on water AlertNet Aug 24, 2011

Sustainable sanitation supplants chemical fertilizer with human waste AlertNet Aug 24, 2011

Kenya “pro poor” web data empowers for better water accessAlertNet Aug 24, 2011

 Kenya fund aims to get 1.4 million people sanitation by 2013 AlertNet Aug 24, 2011

UNDP progress on post-conflict Liberia water, sanitation project AlertNet Aug 24, 2011

Ganges Basin findings warrant further investigation- expert AlertNet Aug 23, 2011

Fixing urban water problems requires joint effort – WaterAid AlertNet Aug 23, 2011

Building trust improves Kenyan water services – AlertNet Aug 22, 2011

WaterAid to push for universality, food security at World Water Week – AlertNet  Aug 16, 2011

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