Women coffee growers in Vietnam boost climate mitigation through agroforestry CIFOR Feb 9, 2022

Ensuring REDD+ finance delivers fair finance and benefits to meet climate goals CIFOR Dec 23, 2021

Women’s land tenure a critical pillar for climate action, COP26 delegates say CIFOR Dec 3, 2021

COP26 corridors: Conversations on climate action CIFOR Nov 12, 2021

Biomass energy brings clean electricity to remote Indonesian islands CIFOR Nov 11, 2021

COP26 deforestation pledges a win, but only if they are upheld CIFOR Nov 5, 2021

Spotlight on forests at COP26, a big step forward for climate talks CIFOR Oct 27, 2021

Boost funding and strategically align incentives with climate goals to save forests CIFOR Oct 21, 2021

Keep fossil fuels in focus while talking forests and trees at COP26, says forestry expert CIFOR Oct 20, 2021

Structuring climate finance to benefit women and alleviate poverty CIFOR Jan 19, 2021

Researchers urge multi-level action to tackle climate-to-local pressures on forests CIFOR Jan 29, 2020

Natural climate solutions could reverse emissions in 30 tropical countries, scientists say CIFOR Jan 28, 2020

Indonesia’s leadership in peatland management in focus at COP 25 CIFOR Jan 10, 2020

How climate finance and technology could better integrate women CIFOR Dec 2019

Peatland potential untapped in Nationally Determined Contributions: COP 25 CIFOR Dec 7, 2019

Number crunching: Making sense of REDD+ and results-based payments CIFOR Aug 21, 2019

Warmer night temperatures reduce wheat yields in Mexico, scientists say CIMMYT Aug 8, 2019

Colonization to climate change: NunatuKavut Inuit defend landscape CIFOR May 5, 2019

Governments must lead way on fixing climate, UN Environment expert says CIFOR Jan 29, 2019

Peatlands: Rewet to protect climate CIFOR Dec 18, 2018

Gender equality vital part of forest-based climate action, says CIFOR scientist at COP24 CIFOR Dec 7, 2018

Next decade crucial for avoiding catastrophic climate change – financial expert CIFOR July 7, 2018

Conversation with Elliott Cappell, chief resilience officer Toronto National Observer June 6, 2018

Firm to pitch $150 million Treenewable Climate Fund in GLF Dragons’ Den CIFOR May 11, 2018

“Layering” climate smart rice-wheat farm practices in India boosts benefits CIMMYT May 8, 2018

Draft EU budget earmarks sizable increase in spending to curb climate change CIFOR May 5, 2018

Initiative 20×20 urges better climate fund access, private finance for land restoration CIFOR May 2, 2018

Scaling up climate finance to ensure sustainable landscapes CIFOR Jan 24, 2018

Threats to Congo peat forests put people, wildlife and climate goals at risk CIFOR Dec 18, 2017

Zero till rice-wheat-bean crop rotations in India curb emissions CIMMYT July 24, 2017

Maize breeding on track for climate change in Africa, scientist says CIMMYT April 21, 2017

Turkey recognizes scientist for work on wheat and climate change data CIMMYT April 5, 2017

Study reveals diversity “blueprint” to help maize adapt to changing climate CIMMYT Feb 6, 2017

Scientists aim to adapt wheat to a warmer climate with less water CIMMYT March 18, 2016

Wheat scientists urge funding boost after UK-U.S. food security report CIMMYT August 21, 2015

Mexico meeting outlines scientific roadmap for increasing wheat yields CIMMYT March 25, 2015

Suchismita Mondal develops climate change resilient wheat CIMMYT March 2, 2015

Prioritize food security, not conflict, wheat scientist advises CIMMYT Feb 16, 2015

As climate change, poor habits parch central Asia, can policy changes help? CIFOR Feb 10, 2015

Scientists detail strategy for protecting wheat from climate change CIMMYT Dec 9, 2014

Research on climate-resilient wheat keeps “Green Revolution” on track CIMMYT Oct 13, 2014

REDD+ can help ‘green’ Indonesia’s resource-dependent economy: expert CIFOR July 7, 2014

Q+A: Peg Putt on ‘decoupling’ economic growth to save the climate CIFOR May 12, 2014

Farmer urges range of measures to aid women battling climate change CIFOR Dec 24, 2013

Time to ‘connect the dots’ among gender, forests and REDD+, experts say CIFOR Dec 20, 2013

Toss cliches aside, and consider gender in ‘landscape’ context — expert CIFOR Dec 18, 2013

‘Landscapes approach’ could alleviate W.Africa climate change woes – scientists  CIFOR December 13, 2013

‘Landscapes approach’ dovetails with REDD+, scientist says CIFOR December 2, 2013

A cross-sectoral landscapes approach to improve forest livelihoods CIFOR November 20, 2013

Q+A: Emissions hotspots maps grist for climate change strategies CIFOR November 16, 2013

Tony LaVina on building a global coalition to end climate change CIFOR November 15, 2013

Putting land-use models to work in efforts to slow climate change CIFOR November 15, 2013

Traditional knowledge fuels climate change adaptation in Ghana CIFOR September 26, 2013

Indonesia president delivers promised REDD+ agency CIFOR September 10, 2013

Interactive web app lets users map forest carbon emissions activities CIFOR August 1, 2013

Bonn climate talks tackle emissions verification stumbling block CIFOR June 24, 2013

REDD+ emissions verification could lead to results-based aid financing CIFOR June 20, 2013

Global fund would provide effective means to fuel REDD+ climate change program-experts CIFOR June 11, 2013

Q+A: Can the REDD+ climate change program produce measurable results in the next three years? CIFOR June 10, 2013

New book urges united global action plan to end hunger  AlertNet Oct 10, 2012

EXPERT VIEWS: Climate change is wild card in water security AlertNet July 25, 2012

UK architects seek funding for Namibia sandbag igloos (vlog) AlertNet July 12, 2012

Transform high-carbon economies to mitigate climate change – crisis expert (vlog) AlertNet June 8, 2011

“Arab awakening” represents climate-change threat multiplier – climate expert (vlog) AlertNet June 7, 2011

Amazon dams avoidable with new energy strategy – Brent Millikan, International Rivers (video) AlertNet March 2, 2011

Oliver Lowenstein on making Cyclestations work (vlog) Reuters July 2, 2010

Author Heather Rogers on fixing ‘Green Gone Wrong’ (vlog) Reuters June 30, 2010

Is the buzz over Copenhagen altering your habits? (blog) Reuters Dec 7, 2009

Stephen J. Dubner: A freakonomic view of climate change (vlog) Reuters Nov 19, 2009

Dave Timms: Government intervention key to low-carbon economy (vlog) Reuters Nov 16, 2009

Kirtana Chandrasekaran: Farming battles and the future of food (vlog) Reuters Nov 10, 2009

Mike Hulme: Can emissions be tackled without Copenhagen deal? (vlog) Reuters Oct 27, 2009

How have you reduced your carbon footprint? (blog) Reuters July 15, 2009

Gender equality vital part of forest-based clim

Transit nightmare looms: Edmonton warned it faces big city transportation problems Edmonton Journal June 20, 2004

“Disturbing the Peace” (Greenpeace labour dispute in Canada) Saturday Night Sept 2003

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