Gender equality key for sustainable landscapes and fair food systems CIFOR March 8, 2022

Women coffee growers in Vietnam boost climate mitigation through agroforestry CIFOR Feb 9, 2022

Shoring up Burkina Faso’s shea trade requires intensive landscape restoration efforts Jan 22, 2022

Women’s land tenure a critical pillar for climate action, COP26 delegates say CIFOR Dec 3, 2021

Shaping a future that ensures women are at the center of the Ghana shea trade CIFOR Sept 14, 2021

Women producers in Burkina Faso face hardship if shea industry dwindles CIFOR Aug 3, 2021

New guide aims to accelerate forest tenure pathways to gender equality CIFOR Jan 28, 2021

Structuring climate finance to benefit women and alleviate poverty CIFOR Jan 19, 2021

Insecurity, COVID-19 hit women-led shea sector on eve of Africa free trade deal CIFOR Sept 25 2020

Men in forests: New book shatters stereotypes CIFOR Sept 1, 2020

Forest tenure reforms in Indonesia could open door to greater gender equality CIFOR June 2020

Men compete for profits in West Africa’s women-led shea industry CIFOR June 2020

Agroforestry ‘basins’ stir up big benefits for women in Kenya drylands CIFOR May 2020

Lifting the barriers to improve women and child health in Indonesia’s Komodo CIFOR Apr 28, 2020

Access to education key to boosting number of women in science, scientist says CIFOR Feb 11, 2020

How climate finance and technology could better integrate women CIFOR Dec 2019

Esther Mwangi, researcher on gender and forest property rights, dies at 53 CIFOR Oct 9, 2019

Gender equality vital part of forest-based climate action, says CIFOR scientist at COP24 CIFOR Dec 7, 2018

Honor your “Landscape Laurel” on International Women’s Day 2018 CIFOR Feb 16, 2018

Science-educated Indigenous girls, women can help communities combat climate change CIFOR Feb 9, 2018

Ag women speak out for International Day of Girls and Women in Science CIMMYT Feb 9, 2018

Threats to Congo peat forests put people, wildlife and climate goals at risk CIFOR Dec 18, 2017

Obstacles to gender-smart fertilizer use hurt women, scientists say CIMMYT March 21, 2017

“Invisible women” hold key to food security — ex-WFP chief Bertini CIMMYT Aug 27, 2016

At 50-year mark, CIMMYT scientists strive for gender equity  CIMMYT March 8, 2016

Gender bias may limit uptake of climate-smart farm practices, study shows CIMMYT Dec 8, 2015

Paula Kantor Award nominees must show gender research success in India CIMMYT Nov 12, 2015

Women in Triticum award winners reflect “diversity and talent” CIMMYT Sept 22, 2015

For development expert Paula Kantor, gender equality was crucial CIMMYT June 9, 2015

CIMMYT remembers vital legacy of gender specialist Paula Kantor CIMMYT May 14, 2015

Jessica Rutkoski conquers math demons, finds success as wheat breeder CIMMYT March 2, 2015

Suchismita Mondal develops climate change resilient wheat CIMMYT March 2, 2015

Julie Miller Jones dispels myths that wheat protein is unhealthy CIMMYT March 2, 2015

Winds of change buffet shea nut industry, hitting women hardest CIFOR Sept 30, 2014

Farmer urges range of measures to aid women battling climate change CIFOR Dec 24, 2013

Time to ‘connect the dots’ among gender, forests, REDD+, experts say CIFOR Dec 20, 2013

Toss cliches aside and consider gender in ‘landscape’ context — CIFOR Dec 18, 2013

Transporting bras to aid sex-trafficking survivors (blog) TrustLaw Feb 14, 2013

Menstruation taboo puts 300 mln women in India at risk – experts AlertNet Feb 11, 2013

New data show fall in female genital mutilation – UN agencies TrustLaw Feb 6, 2013

Q+A-London Olympics: The sex-trafficking event that wasn’t TrustLaw Nov 28, 2012

iPhone app helps UK strip-club dancers know their rights TrustLaw Oct 25, 2012

UN education goals off track, progress on gender-report TrustLaw Oct 16, 2012

Swift action needed in fight against child marriage – UNFPA report TrustLaw Oct 11, 2012

Video urges justice for alleged LRA sex, gender victims in CAR AlertNet June 1, 2012

“Rampant feminist” Cindy Gallop tackles love, sex, porn TrustLaw April 2, 2012

INTERVIEW-Women’s rights activist slams new Turkey anti-violence law TrustLaw March 21, 2012

“No Woman’s Land” book details newswomen in warzones AlertNet March 8, 2012

Link between sports events, sex trafficking unfounded – study TrustLaw Feb 1, 2012

Web in the home empowers women at work – LeWeb founder TrustLaw (vlog) Dec 7, 2011

Violence hinders Afghanistan women despite protective laws – expert AlertNet (vlog) Dec 5, 2011

UK vigil part of struggle for  prostitute memorial Reuters Oct 31, 2011

Author creates second identity as O.M. Grey (also picture credit) Reuters Aug 18, 2011

Rights group tackles Turkey over domestic abuse laws TrustLaw May 5, 2011

Dear Zari” stories reveal hidden lives of Afghan women – Zarghuna Kargar  (vlog) AlertNet April 23, 2011

UK’s baroness Flather says women key to meeting humanitarian goals (vlog) TrustLaw March 13, 2011

100 years of International Women’s Day (blog with commissioned writers) TrustLaw March 2011

International Women’s Day 2011 Reuters (web page with commissioned writers) March 2011

Women’s rights really mean human rights to me – Daily Mail’s Ann Leslie TrustLaw Feb 24, 2011

Yvonne Chaka Chaka’s “Motherland Tour” film advocates for women’s rights AlertNet Oct 12, 2010

During women’s week Canada’s first female physician remains unrecognized on campus (Emily Stowe) Ryersonian, March 10, 2004

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