LED flashlights increase food insecurity risk in wild-meat dependent communities CIFOR Aug 5, 2020

Blockchain platform offers reforestation efforts access to carbon finance CIFOR Apr 18, 2022

Mobile app simplifies peatland restoration monitoring efforts in Indonesia CIFOR Feb 3, 2020

How climate finance and technology could better integrate women CIFOR Dec. 30, 2019

Innovative biochar-producing gasifier stoves improve livelihoods, landscapes CIFOR July 26, 2018

Turn off, but don’t tune out during Earth Hour #Connect2Earth mobilization CIFOR March 20, 2018

Updated Web Wheat Atlas 3.0 prioritizes user experience CIMMYT Nov 21, 2014

Online tool seeks to tailor climate plans for forest communities CIFOR July 21, 2014

Interactive web app lets users map forest carbon emissions activities CIFOR Aug 1, 2013

Interactive web map makes facts behind Sumatra fires transparent CIFOR July 5, 2013

New interactive web atlas helps pinpoint water risk hotspots AlertNet Feb 2, 2013

Experts take debate over global water development goals to the Web AlertNet Jan 21, 2012

AUDIO: Sanitation Hackathon mirrors Hub Westminster ethos AlertNet Dec 2, 2012

iPhone app helps UK strip-club dancers know their rights Reuters Oct 25, 2012

Former NASA engineer designs app to chart water quality AlertNet Sept 4, 2012

Interactive “Mozzy Air” map highlights impact of malaria (blog) AlertNet Aug 18, 2012

Mobile technology boosts water security for the poor AlertNet July 26, 2012

Festival of technologies: start it, build it (blog) AlertNet June 13, 2012

@Documentally discusses “revolutionary” protest apps (audio) Reuters March 14, 2012

Wooga’s Diamond Dash game rides social mobile wave Reuters Jan 3, 2012

Evernote “memory aid” apps recall people, meals Reuters Dec 22, 2011

Access to web, phones key to helping the poor — LeWeb Reuters Dec 9, 2011

Web in the home empowers women at work – LeWeb founder TrustLaw Dec 7, 2012

Buddhify web app  promotes calmer urban experience Reuters  Nov 14, 2011

London cyber conference addresses plight of poor  AlertNet Nov 2, 2011

FACTBOX-Britain’s proposed cyberspace principles AlertNet Nov 2, 2011

Internet freedom a priority — Netherlands foreign minister (vlog) AlertNet Nov 3, 2011

World Food Programme seeks to benefit from snacking impulses (blog) AlertNet April 19, 2011

Prix Mobile award seeks stars of the web art world Reuters Oct 24, 2011

New smart phone app lays bare Londinium Reuters Aug 8, 2011

TweetDeck CEO on how the new “ChromeDeck” works (video) AlertNet Dec 1, 2010

Using mobile networks to manage humanitarian disasters (vlog) AlertNet Sept 21, 2010

A social media vox populi experiment (vlog) Reuters March 19, 2010

BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones on virtual democracy (vlog) Reuters March 17, 2010

Shadow Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt unveils Tory technology platform (vlog) Reuters March 11, 2010

Growth of mobile commerce taps touch Web users (vlog) Reuters February 16, 2010

The meeting of young minds: One Young World (vlog) Reuters February 10, 2010

Are publication bans outdated in the Internet era? (vlog) Reuters Jan 25, 2009

Author Viktor Mayer Schonberger: Remembering to forget in the Web 2.0 era (vlog) Reuters Nov 20, 2009

Which dead celebrity would you tweet? (blog) Reuters Oct 29 2009

‘Foreign Policy’ contributing editor Evgeny Morozov: Does the Internet empower or censor? (vlog) Reuters Sept 22, 2009

Would you vote for the Pirate Party? (blog) Reuters Aug 20 2009

Is Britain being too slow in promoting broadband? (blog) Reuters June 11, 2009

– London’s Sanitation Hackathon at Hub Westminster, AlertNet, Dec 2, 2012 –

AUDIO: Technological solutions are key to fix Africa sanitation crisis

AUDIO: Sanitation Hackathon mirrors Hub Westminster ethos

AUDIO: Hackathon tackles big challenges facing sanitation sector

AUDIO: Financial app would set sanitation cost benchmarks

AUDIO: Sani-Dashboard app would monitor toilet-related data

AUDIO: Hackathon seeks solutions to global sanitation crisis

NB: There are no links to the blog stories because Reuters deleted the blog platforms

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