New book urges united global action plan to end hunger Thomson Reuters Foundation Oct 10, 2012

“No Woman’s Land” book details  women in warzones Reuters March 8, 2012

Author creates new identity as O.M. Grey Reuters August 18, 2011

Book posits a grassroots approach key to poverty alleviation Thomson Reuters Foundation July 14, 2011

Book “Warriors After War” asks if stable Pakistan can emerge  Thomson Reuters Foundation June 8, 2011

‘Bulletproof’ Matt Croucher tells his story” (vlog) Reuters June 24, 2010

Following the aid money with Linda Polman” (vlog) Reuters May 19, 2010

Philosopher Pascal Bruckner on “The Tyranny of Guilt” (vlog) Reuters May 18, 2010

New Anne of Green Gables book stirs debate” Reuters March 19, 2008

“’The Time it Takes to Fall by Margaret Lazarus Dean” (review) Small Spiral Notebook Aug 23, 2007

Author recalls events leading to Woodstock festival” Reuters Aug 14, 2007

“’Brookland’ by Emily Barton” (review) Small Spiral Notebook June 6, 2007

As Hanukkah nears, writer becomes Jewish ‘Santa’” Reuters Nov 11, 2006

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