Canadian Opera Company goes Hip Hop” Reuters May 6, 2008

Canada’s Stratford Festival faces slings, arrows” Reuters April 25, 2008

Canada’s Stratford Festival artistic head bows out” Reuters Sept. 13, 2007

Ex-Monkee follows his muse to stage and writing” Reuters, Dec. 16, 2006

Filmmaker Atom Egoyan directs Wagner” Reuters Aug 27, 2006

“Give us your best guitar face, we said” (section cover) Edmonton Journal July 28, 2004

“After an Ummo eon, Mump and Smoot reunite.” Edmonton Journal  (section cover) July 17, 2004

“Shot of Bourbon enlivens comedy scene.” Edmonton Journal (section cover) July 14, 2004

Review of ‘The Attic, the Pearls and 3 Fine Girls.’ Storefront Paper 1995

Review of ‘No Totem for My Story’ and ‘Dinky.’ Storefront Paper 1995 

Review of ‘No Boundaries.’ Storefront Paper 1995

Review of ‘Riot” Storefront Paper 1995

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