Stronger political commitments, rural governance key to landscape restoration: One World – No Hunger envoy CIFOR Aug 29, 2018

New Colombia green belt provides protective barrier for Amazon biome CIFOR June 28, 2018

Global emissions targets in focus at rainforest summit in Indonesia CIFOR April 20, 2018

Top coffee producers sign joint pact to protect Indonesian rainforest CIFOR April 16, 2018

Community land rights open investment opportunities in global south CIFOR April 13, 2018

Re-thinking investment in landscapes to aid sustainable development CIFOR Dec 17, 2013

Strong laws can boost sustainable development in Africa — expert CIFOR Dec 4, 2013

Using a cross-sectoral landscapes approach to improve forest livelihoods CIFOR Nov 20, 2013

Putting land-use models to work amid efforts to slow climate change CIFOR Nov 15, 2013

Board game puts new spin on competitive land-use dynamics CIFOR Nov 18, 2013

Indonesian president delivers promised REDD+ agency CIFOR Sept 10, 2013

Combat poverty while conserving great ape habitats — scientists CIFOR Sept 2, 2013

India’s Jenu Keruba forest honey industry sticks to tradition CIFOR Aug 20, 2013

Forging pro-poor collectives helps sustain Africa tropical dry forests CIFOR July 16, 2013

Landscapes approach boosts global socio-economic benefits — experts CIFOR July 3, 2013

Forest foods should be used in fight against global malnutrition – scientist CIFOR April 8, 2013

UNDP’s Clark: balancing food, energy, water key to post-2015 goals AlertNet Feb 13, 2012

UN education goals off track, progress on gender-report  Reuters Oct 16, 2012

New book urges united global action plan to end hunger AlertNet Oct 10, 2012

Next UN development goals must tackle open defecation -expert AlertNet Sept 18, 2012

Policymakers agree ambitious global water monitoring initiative-expert AlertNet Sept 5, 2012

Humanitarian Futures Programme short film warns of complex crises AlertNet Oct 21, 2011

Charity report says unity key in fight against global poverty AlertNet Sept 15, 2011

Taking a new approach to measuring aid effectiveness AlertNet, July 25, 2011

Is Africa drought a chance to enact new UK policy? (blog) AlertNet July 21, 2011

“Superhero” leadership fails in humanitarian disasters (video) AlertNet June 14, 2011

Have stabilisation efforts reduced space for humanitarian action? (video) AlertNet Oct 26, 2010

 U.N. refugee chief calls for new deal on burden sharing for refugees (video) AlertNet Oct 14, 2010

Millennium Development Goals, United Nations, New York

ActionAid’s Henry Malumo on hunger MDG 1 (vlog) Sept 21, 2010 AlertNet, Sept 21, 2010

Nando’s Sherwin Charles on malaria, MDGs and public-private partnerships  (vlog) AlertNet, Sept 21, 2010

Access Bank enters race to help achieve Millennium Development Goals (vlog) AlertNet Sept 21, 2010

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