UK political

Oona King to run as Labour candidate for  mayoral election” (blog) Reuters May 27, 2010

Old habits die hard in UK election campaigning” (vlog) Reuters March 29, 2010

Mediation service for workplace disputes on the rise” (vlog) Reuters March 26, 2010

Tariq Ali on how unions fare under Labour rule” (vlog) Reuters March  22, 2010

Estelle Shirbon on Gordon Brown’s speech” (vlog) Reuters March 10, 2010

Thomson Reuters newsmaker with Gordon Brown” (live blog/collaborative) Reuters March 10, 2010

Fraser Nelson sets an agenda for David Cameron” (vlog) Reuters Feb. 10, 2010

Tariq Ali on the state of UK politics” (vlog) Reuters Feb. 3, 2010

Was there a “precipitate rush to war” with Iraq?” (blog) Reuters Jan 10, 2010

Send in questions for city minister Paul Myners (blog) Reuters Dec 14, 2010

Keith Weir on PMQs wins and losses” (vlog) Reuters Dec 2, 2009

Jack Straw cites trust as top issue for UK democracy” (vlog) Reuters Nov 24, 2009

Is 82 days a fair holiday for MPs?” (blog) Reuters July 23, 2009

Tony Travers on challenges the parties face” (vlog) Reuters Nov 18, 2009

Brian Haw: A voice in the wilderness?” (vlog) Reuters Oct 9, 2009

“Keith Weir: What next for the government?” (vlog) Reuters June 8, 2009

Rate politicians on grassroots website” (blog) Reuters June 2, 2009

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