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  1. Andrea F. Stauber

    I am sorry to read of Carl’s passing. I met Carl through my late father in-law Mark Nichols. After Mark’s passing in 2011 l lost contact. Carl was a great friend to Mark, their scheduled mettings for coffee were an essential part to Mark’s life. I am sure he will be greatly missed, just like my children and I still miss Mark. My deep condolences.

    1. Julie Mollins Post author

      Dear Andrea, Thank you so much for writing. As you said, my Dad and Mark were great friends. He was so upset and shocked when Mark died. He loved their coffee outings and missed him a great deal.

  2. Ian MacLaine ---CP Toronto 1963-92.

    I’m so sorry to hear of Carl’s passing. I had seen him only briefly a couple occasions after his move to Ottawa. My condolences to his family. The newspaper business has lost a Newspaper hall of famer and I hope those in Toronto ensure his induction is forthcoming if such a hall exists.


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