Strong Arms Trade Treaty could help prevent use of child soldiers – Amnesty AlertNet Feb 12, 2013

Q+A: Toronto S-21 photo exhibition urges vigilance against genocide-curator AlertNet Jan 30, 2013

R2P, the fight to prevent genocide – Stanley Foundation’s Rachel Gerber (audio) AlertNet Nov 27, 2012

Smuggling of weapons-grade nuclear material unacceptable – former CIA officer (vlog) AlertNet Nov 15, 2012

Al Qaeda “rebranding” itself to remain relevant – counter-terrorism expert (vlog) AlertNet Nov 15, 2012

Careless social media use can endanger journalists’ sources – NPR’s Andy Carvin (audio) AlertNet Nov 12, 2012

Al Qaeda ideology is weakening – Algerian activist Abdullah Anas (vlog) AlertNet Nov 12, 2012

Not enough focus on child soldiers’ lives in “Kony 2012” -War Child (audio) AlertNet April 5, 2012

Nothing prepared me for what we saw in Baba Amr – Paul Conroy (audio) AlertNet March 29, 2012

CBC’s Heba Aly on the future for media in post-revolution Egypt (vlog) TrustMedia June 23, 2011

Could cyber-terrorism become a reality? (vlog) TrustLaw June 8, 2011

Al Qaeda method “finished” – guerrilla-turned-peacekeeper Abdullah Anas (vlog) AlertNet June 7, 2011

Ahmed Naguib on the role of social media in Egypt’s revolution (vlog) TrustMedia June 6, 2011

“Countdown to Zero” producers hope to ignite anti-nuclear sentiment (vlog) AlertNet June 6, 2011

After bin Laden, what is the future for al Qaeda? (vlog) TrustLaw June 6, 2011

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