Winds of change buffet shea nut industry, hitting women hardest CIFOR Sept 30, 2014

Researchers offer “ghost ponds” a new lease on life CIFOR July 29, 2014

Forests gain foothold in proposed new development goals CIFOR July 23, 2014

Online tool seeks to tailor climate plans for forest communities CIFOR July 21, 2014

Scientist crowdsources questions to guide forest research  CIFOR July 15, 2014

Nobel winner Wangari Maathai forestry award deadline CIFOR July 15, 2014

REDD+ can help “green” Indonesia’s resource-dependent economy CIFOR July 7, 2014

Indonesia should cut its reliance on natural resources CIFOR July 3, 2014

Tracking genetic resources key to future role of forests CIFOR July 2, 2014

Stable governance, trade frameworks can tip Asia toward green economy CIFOR July 1, 2014

Scientist urges specialized policy responses for Africa-China timber trade CIFOR May 13, 2014

Q+A: Peg Putt on ‘decoupling’ economic growth to save the climate CIFOR May 12, 2014

A Chat With: Andrea Bassi on how a green economy can reduce climate change CIFOR May 2, 2014

A Chat With: Seong Il Kim about forestry studies in South Korea CIFOR May 1, 2014

Papua oil palm plans may benefit migrants more than local poor — report CIFOR April 29, 2014

Forest certification improves social standards in Congo basin, research finds CIFOR April 7, 2014

Scientific review shows oil palm plantations hurt biodiversity CIFOR March 20, 2014

Mangrove experts urge restoration, regeneration of organic coasts CIFOR March 18, 2014

SDGs should tackle energy access to boost gender equality — researcher CIFOR March 6, 2014

Expert urges new strategy for study of rural-urban migration CIFOR February 18, 2014

Mangrove conference to focus on improving coastal livelihoods CIFOR February 12, 2014

Study highlights link between tree cover and nutrition in children CIFOR January 20, 2014

Farmer urges range of measures to aid women battling climate change CIFOR December 24, 2013

Time to ‘connect the dots among gender, forests and REDD+, experts say CIFOR December 20, 2013

Toss cliches aside and consider gender in ‘landscape’ context — expert CIFOR December 18, 2013

Re-thinking investment in landscapes to aid sustainable development CIFOR December 17, 2013

‘Landscapes approach’ could alleviate W.Africa climate change woes – scientists  CIFOR December 13, 2013

Strong laws can boost sustainable development in Africa — expert CIFOR December 4, 2013

‘Landscapes approach’ dovetails with REDD+, scientist says CIFOR December 2, 2013

A cross-sectoral landscapes approach to improve forest livelihoods CIFOR November 20, 2013

Q+A: Emissions hotspots maps grist for climate change strategies CIFOR November 16, 2013

Tony LaVina on building a global coalition to end climate change CIFOR November 15, 2013

Putting land-use models to work in efforts to slow climate change CIFOR November 15, 2013

Board game puts new spin on competitive land-use dynamics CIFOR October 18, 2013

Traditional knowledge fuels climate change adaptation in Ghana CIFOR September 26, 2013

Indonesia president delivers promised REDD+ agency CIFOR September 10, 2013

Combat poverty while conserving great ape habitats – scientists CIFOR September 2, 2013

India’s Jenu Kuruba forest honey industry sticks to tradition – study CIFOR August 20, 2013

Interactive web app lets users map forest carbon emissions activities CIFOR August 1, 2013

Forging pro-poor collectives helps sustain Africa tropical dry forests  CIFOR July 16, 2013

Interactive web map makes facts behind Sumatra fires transparent CIFOR July 5, 2013

Landscape approach boosts global socio-economic benefits – experts CIFOR July 3, 2013

Bonn climate talks tackle emissions verification stumbling block CIFOR June 24, 2013

REDD+ emissions verification could lead to results-based aid financing CIFOR June 20, 2013

Global fund would provide effective means to fuel REDD+ climate change program-experts CIFOR June 11, 2013

Q+A: Can the REDD+ climate change program produce measurable results in the next three years? CIFOR June 10, 2013

Edible insects improve diets and livelihoods of up to 2 billion people-scientists CIFOR May 15, 2013

Q+A: Committee on World Security chair urges use of forest foods in diets CIFOR May 15, 2013

Scientists aim to pinpoint role of forests in battle against “hidden hunger” CIFOR May 13, 2013

Amazon timber-food balance saves smallholder livelihoods from risk CIFOR May 7, 2013

Audio Q+A: Do forest-dwelling children have more nutritious diets? CIFOR May 6, 2013

Forest-dwelling Borneo children foresee grim times ahead – study CIFOR April 22, 2013

Forest foods should be used in fight against global malnutrition – scientist CIFOR April 8, 2013

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